What your resume should look like in 2017

Pay attention to the format: Modern day cover letters and resumes should look professional but also simple and easy to read.  Your resume should be no more than 2 pages and utilise both dot points, paragraphs and columns.  Ideally, you want to maximise your use of the two pages such that your not wasting any... Continue Reading →

Travel bug: Krabi – Thailand

Just last week, my girlfriend and I set off for a short holiday to Krabi in Thailand.  We spend 4 days and 3 nights on the island and did some really fun activities, ate lots of delicious authentic food and met some great people along the way too!  We thought it was be great to... Continue Reading →

Less is More – Packing for Travels

The art of packing less for travelling is hard. I often dread packing for a holiday or conference trip especially when I only had such a small suitcase that I could bring (no check in baggage). I'm starting to get a bit better at it now, and realized only bringing the essentials for your travels rather than lugging around half your wardrobe or bathroom with you. Below I've made a list of some essential items I always bring with me on a trip.

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