You can always find time

My friend Sam is a senior accountant for a mining company, mother of two and president of her local rowing club.  Every weekday she drops her kids off at school, works till about 5:30-6PM and comes home and cooks.  After that she spends most of her evenings, either catching up on more work or cleaning after the kids.  Every alternative Tuesday nights is her rowing club meeting that she organises and attends.  Her kids also play tennis, and so every Saturday morning, she takes them to tennis, picks them up again and doesn’t find time for her self (rarely).  Her Sunday’s are also full, with Church service in the morning followed by congregation lunches with her cell group (church life group).  Then comes Monday…all…over…again.

Out of most our friends Sam seems to be the most busiest out of all of us and very rarely do we see her at our catch up sessions.  She seems to always use the same excuse/reason, “sorry guys i just don’t have time”, “I’m too busy”

“I just don’t have time” – a common phrase used by the most busiest people around us.  But is it really true? Is time really that limited for them?

4 weeks ago, the hot water pipes in Sam’s downstairs basement had burst, leaving her with a flooded basement and thousands of dollars worth of damages.  The contractors needed to come in and drill holes in the walls, fix the supporting beams and also strip off the flooring to be redone.  She was quoted total of 10 hours for this job.  10 hours? There was no way she could find 10 hours out of her busy week to get this done.

But she did, Sam managed to find 10 hours in a week to be around for the contractors to fix her basement.  And she managed to fit this in among her busy everyday schedule.

You see when it comes to time management, it’s not that we don’t have time to do something, but it’s not a priority.  A damaged and flooded basement was a priority for Sam and she would do what ever it takes to make time for it.  Priority is what helps us manage our time better through out the week and make time for personal, family and work.  Without it, we fall into the traps of “sorry I don’t have time” bubble.

So how do we do that? how do we find out what our priorities are? Below are quick and easy tips for both your professional life and personal life.

Professional Life

I’m sure at the end of every year, your boss will call you in for a meeting to review your performance for the year, your achievements or opportunity for growth.  But i find it works more effectively if you plan for the future.  Pretend it is the end of next year and your giving yourself a performance review, write down two or three achievements, goals or accomplishments that you have completed for next year.  This way you have captured what your priorities are for the year and it’s a matter of working towards these goals.

Personal Life

Research has shown that Friday afternoon’s just before kick off time is the best time for planning and organising your week ahead.  No one enjoys doing anything other than work on a Friday afternoon, am I right!  Next Friday when 3:00PM ticks over, spend 30-45min planning your week ahead, but do this in 3 categories.  Personal, family and work.  This way you have worked our your priorities for the week and you have already put them into your diary – Foward planning.

7 days a week, 24 hours a day, that’s 168 hours a week

minus the 40 hour workweek and 8 hours of sleep each day, that still leaves you with 72 hours a week.

That’s a lot of time.




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