10 effective ways to study smarter

Year 12 was the most stressful but also the most important year of my life.  Leading up to the final exams I studied relentlessly for hours and hours everyday, reading and writing notes hoping to remember and cover everything in the exam.  However i soon learnt that my study methods although was “hard working” it wasn’t effective, and as a result my final results were not as great as I thought they would be.

As i entered Uni i had a second chance at preparing for exams but this time i thought i would do my self a favour and teach myself “how to study”, more specifically, “How to study smart”.  What i soon realized was that everyone has a unique learning style and a unique way of understanding things.  If you can grasp your unique style of learning, I promise you it would make your studying 10 times easier and less stressful.

  1. Visualizing to understand
  2. Use Metaphors for difficult concepts or meanings
  3. Teach someone else
  4. Look for patterns
  5. Draw or build models
  6. Study in chunked sessions
  7. Have a dedicated studying area
  8. Learn to summaries
  9. Find alternative sources which explains the concept in another way
  10. Taking care of your health


Remember, “study smart not hard”



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