Good habits to have for making your day more productive!

It’s Sunday evening and I’m already dreading Monday tomorrow, trying to stretch out the last few hours of my weekend as long as possible before tackling another week at work.  My phone alarm is already telling me to get ready for bed to get my 8 hours of sleep a night and my emails are already starting to flood in !

Having the right attitude and a dose of daily motivation is an important kick starter to your Monday mornings but I have found over the past few years, good habits to have at work also makes the week go by faster and more rewarding for yourself.  Here I have shared with you some daily habits that I have which I found to make my days more productive.

Sunday night planning – Calendar

90% of the time Sunday evenings around 5PM just before dinner is when i set myself an hour or so to plan my diary for the week.  I currently use Google Calendar and find it is extremely useful, especially with the connectivity to other Google Apps and user friendly on my phone.  This is when i capture everything that might be important for the week, events, reminders or event bills that I might have to pay.  The task list is also a great way to remind yourself to run errands, do things that you might forget through-out the week.

Every day when I get to work, the first thing I open on my computer isn’t my emails, but in fact my Google Calendar.  This way I reminds me of things that needs to be done on the day but also it’s a good habit to keep track of your busy schedule!

Things to Remember: Never put in work related schedules in your personal calendar.  It’s important that you don’t get carried away and try to capture everything; work and personal, but separate the two.  That’s why we have an Outlook Calendar!

Keeping updated with the daily news

Of course, many of you probably already do this and it’s a great habit to have not matter how busy you are.  It’s good to keep updated on current affairs, but also keep up to some of the trending stories in the industry that you work in.  Not only does this aid you in conversations with your colleagues or other professionals but means you are kept in the loop and know what others are talking about.

I find my daily news mostly comes from three sources; Newspaper websites (Business Insider or Bloomberg), LinkedIn and Twitter.

Twitter and LinkedIn are two of my most favourite social media sources for news and current affairs.  Not only does it allow you to see the latest and most updated stories (Twitter) but also lets you read some of the interesting articles shared by or written by others (LinkedIn).  Having a professional Twitter account is a great way to stay in touch with the industry you work for, hobbies your interested in and also areas you are passionate about.  As an example my Twitter follows all other accounts that are related to the Agriculture industry, business start-ups and China-Australia business relations.

Things to Remember:  Never forget how much time you spend reading the news or browsing these sites.  Sometimes we can get carried away and find our selves spending more than we should on sites that might have taken our attention away from the news story that we were originally on.  45min is more than sufficient each morning just as you come into work before you kick off your day.

Two things you learnt today, and two things you would like to learn

4:00PM everyday is usually when our brains start to wind down and switch off work mode and go into home mode.  It’s a time when working on projects or other routine work may become less productive.  Everyday towards the end of the day, I spend a 30min writing down 2 things I learnt today and two things I would like to learn before end of this week.

It could be simply any two things you learnt about your work, a new way of doing something, something you read, as long as you write them down in a daily of some sort. Following that, two things that you would like to learn by end of this week.  These are meant to be quick and easy to achieve in a short period of time.  It could be learning a new excel function, understanding a new role of the business or even learning a few basic ways to improve your networking skills.  Try and keep these two objectives relatable to your job and this will act as your short term goals and hopefully keep you accountable and motivate you to achieve these daily.

Things to Remember: It’s all good and well said, capturing your two goals and two objectives daily is good for personal development but also remember to reflect back on these points at some point in the near future and see how much you have accomplished in such a short period of time.  This will be a great motivator to see how much you have learnt in such a short period of time.




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