Less is More – Packing for Travels

The art of packing less for travelling is hard.  I often dread packing for a holiday or conference trip especially when I only had such a small suitcase that I could bring (no check in baggage).  I’m starting to get a bit better at it now, and realized only bringing the essentials for your travels rather than lugging around half your wardrobe or bathroom with you.  Below I’ve made a list of some essential items I always bring with me on a trip.


Absolute essential, especially to keep smaller items and to access frequently used items during flights.  I always bring a nice compact and durable backpack with me, one which has enough pockets for small items and a sleeve for my laptop, and accessories like your charger.  Currently I’m using a laptop backpack from Samsonite.


Laptops are also an essential for me, especially when I’m on the road for business or work.  Although my laptop is not compact or light, It fits well into my backpack and I also have enough space for chargers and wireless mouse.  A few days before I leave, I make time to load up some new movies or series I can watch on the plane or download any documents which I can work on offline.  Holiday’s however, I try to leave my laptop at home (avoid checking emails) and instead bring my portable tablet.  Takes up much less space and handy especially when I’m on the go and checking maps etc.

Face wash

Spending hours on planes and on the go all the time, its important to maintain your skin and ensure its healthy and clean.  I always keep a small travel size face wash so I can duck into the bathrooms during transit or when I get to the hotel room.  Travelling throughout South East Asia frequently can lead to a build up of oily skin quickly and so face wash is a big ticket item.  Since coming back from Singapore, I’ve been using Innis Free – Forest for men.

Power bank

Not to play Pokemon Go, but to ensure you have enough battery powering your phone throughout the day.  If you don’t have internet access overseas, this is not an issue, but if you do get a sim card and have access to 4G or find yourself hot-spotting for your friend, you’ll find that your battery will drain very quickly.  We rely too heavily on our phones and so ensuring a fully charged phone will prevent any sticky situations!

Noise cancelling earphones

Too often i get stuck between children behind and in-front of my seats which means I have to sit through hours of screaming, shouting and not sitting still.  Don’t get me wrong, iphone earphones are great for everyday use, but when it comes to listening to music on an airplane, they are not great at eliminating outside noise.  For a better quality of listening experience, brands such as Bose or Sol are worth the investment.

Compact converter adapter

Always check before you go, and always bring at least 1 on you for using devices which doesn’t charge via USB port.  Now days, you can purchase the multi socket converter adapters which allows you to use it in any country. Always bring one on you in your backpack, especially when you have to wait at an airport for hours before your next connecting flight, you can ensure all electronic devices are fully charged before your board the next flight.

Fleece sweater or jumper

Will take up some space, but will also keep you warm on the plane through those long haul flights.  Fleece is a lot more softer than cotton, so a comfortable fleece sweater will keep you warmer than a cotton jumper.

A Good book

An interesting observation I noticed the other day when coming back from Singapore.  When waiting at an airport to board the flight back home, I also try and find a good book in the bookstore to buy for the plane home.  I’ve been doing that for the last several trips now and have build up a mini collection of good books that I refer to on the regular.

Notebook and Pen

With hours to spend in the quietness of your own space, your brain is bound to process and think, having a pen and paper at your disposal can let your mind run wide and scribble down some great ideas, or notes for later on.


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