Things to consider before moving interstate

Up until now the idea of moving interstate had only been a thought, it had crossed my mind a few times in the past but I was never bold enough to leave my current job in Perth and set sail for another city on the east coast (the land of opportunities).  Until recently, the thought was becoming closer to reality.  Just last month I came across a job ad for a role over in Sydney and the role was something that I had always wanted and I knew could jump start my career in the direction of strategic management.  I applied and few weeks later I found myself at the final Skype interview.  Although I don’t know the final outcome of the interviews and whether or not I got offered anything but I knew I couldn’t just sit back and wait before reality was going to hit me like a on-coming train.  I knew If I was going to take this seriously I had to do my home work and consider all alternatives and all scenarios if I was going to move there.  -For those of you who are or who have moved to another city, I applaud you, it’s a big step and one that comes with great responsibility!

For some of you readers who are considering up rooting and moving to another city, I want to share with you what went through my mind and some of the things I went through to ensure I had considered all my options.

Research, research research

If you already know where you want to move to, that’s great but the truth is, there is a lot more about the new city than you think so my first suggestion is obviously get to know as much as you can about the new city.  Read as much as you can, talk to friends who have lived in the city before and get a feel from a first person perspective.  If you haven’t been there before then maybe it a even better idea to book yourself a few days to visit the city and explore and immerse yourself in the new surround and new environment.  Ask yourself, can you see yourself living here for the next few years?


I know this might seem all too soon, but this step isn’t where you go out and find a place or potential place to stay but more to scope out the rent/living arrangements in the new city.  Chances are when your moving to a new city, you will be renting for a period of time and you need to have good idea of the type of rent your paying not only for due diligence purposes but so you can budget this in.  Some major cities you will find that renting is Extremely expensive and often its not feasible to live on your own in a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment.  Therefore if that is the case you must consider other living arrangements such as sharing a room etc.  In my case, Sydney is a expensive city especially when it comes to renting and therefore I knew exactly what the type of monthly expenditure I was going to have to fork out if I wanted to live in a place of my own.

The opportunity – is it really worth it?

Before you ask yourself, is the opportunity that, ask yourself this question “What exactly is motivating you to move to another city?” is it for a new job? or a change in lifestyle or to be independent away from family.  Everyone’s reasons will be different.  Now if your in my boat and the motivation is your career and/or a new job opportunity.  You have to ask yourself, is this really it? Will it help boost my career in the next 2-3 years?  How will my career/life be any different if I didn’t take this opportunity?  At this point, it is really a personal reflection, one which you must talk to yourself and answer to yourself truthfully.  Other peoples opinions will only skew your view at the end of the day, it is you who will be make this leap not someone else.


Often the hardest part about moving somewhere else is that you are so comfortable in your current life, everything is so deeply rooted in your current city, your family, friends, lifestyle, activities etc.  And yes, it’s something you must leave behind and potentially start from square one in a complete new city.  Depending on the age bracket, will determine how well you digest this.  Obviously towards the younger ends of the spectrum, your responsibilities are much less and therefore can afford to pick up and move however at later age especially when you have a family, the sacrifices becomes a lot harder to swallow.  Then it won’t be just yourself it will be also about the your family and kids.

I’m sure there is a lot of other factors I can tough on and I barely scratched the surface.  However to me, these were some of the critical elements which made me think hard about my decisions.  Regardless of the outcome and my decision, I will choose to be happy.


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