Travel bug: Krabi – Thailand

Just last week, my girlfriend and I set off for a short holiday to Krabi in Thailand.  We spend 4 days and 3 nights on the island and did some really fun activities, ate lots of delicious authentic food and met some great people along the way too!  We thought it was be great to share our experience and give our tips, recommendations and what to expect when visiting this destination. (WARNING LONG POST!)


Accommodation –

For the first 2 nights we stayed at a hotel called the Aonang Cliff beach Resort hotel.  This was a great pick and really made things super convenient for us as this hotel was located on the tourist strips near Aonang beach.  We were literally a few minutes walk from the beach, close to great restaurants, massage pallor, 7 eleven and even a McDonald at our doorstep.  The hotel itself are quiet well equipped, clean comfortable and very romantic. Krabi has many “beaches” and Aonang was only one of the many tourist sites.  Our third night we relocated to another hotel called the Avatar Reilay, about a 15 minute boat ride from Aonang beach.  This hotel was tucked away on the east side and was only accessible via boat from Aonang (100 baht) or car ride to Aonanmo Jetty (300 baht) then a 10 min boat ride to Reilay jetty (100 baht).  The reason why there are two ways to access the island is simply because if you choose to get there from Aonang, the long boats stop near the shore, meaning you have to get out and walk in the waters.  Whereas from the jetty to jetty, your feet, luggage or clothes won’t get wet.  Avatar was nice too however I personally felt it was too secluded, and we didn’t have much options to pick from in terms of food and seeing more local things.  Because it was tucked away on the east side of the island, it was much more tourist and as such the prices were a bit higher.  For example a Pad Thai dish from a local street vendor in Aonang was only 50 baht but in Reilay it could be as high as 120 baht.

As a recommendation, definitely choose a hotel close to the beaches as transport is not that great – taxis mostly, and also for the easy and convince.  Airbnb doesn’t exist but there are also hostels around popular tourist locations too.

Activities: –

If you are big on water sports then you will definitely love Krabi or any part of Thailand.  The activities seem endless.  Instead of listing all the ones we did I thought I’d just share with you how organising an activity works.

Firstly, DO NOT BOOK ANY ACTIVITIES OR TOURS before you leave, you will regret paying too much later.  Secondly, especially in Aonang, there are many “tourist activity booking” desks to book what you want to do daily.  That’s one of the best thing’s I loved about Krabi, was that I could go to one of these vendors in the afternoon and book what I want to do for the next day.

These vendors make it so easy for you to book and the cost covers not only the activity but also return rides to and from your hotel.  Prices are generally the same so your bargaining power doesn’t really help you, regardless they are super cheap and lots and lots to choose from.  Once you pay, your provided with a slip “confirmation invoice” and this is what you provide to the drive the next morning when they come fetch you from your hotel.  They all speak English (some better than others) but communication wasn’t a problem.

Best to shop around as every vendor might offer slightly different packages e.g. lunch, no lunch or the type of transport taxi vs. bus.  While w were there we did Kayaking half day tour and a full day Phi Phi island tour – highly recommend it.

I can’t stress this enough, make sure you don’t pre-book your activities cause very likely you will pay more than the local price when you reach there!

Weather: –

Weather in Krabi is very tropical, so it’s hot and humid with a chance of rain daily.  With that said, I would personally suggest packing lightly but also packing long sleeve and long pants – to prevent mosquito bites.  If you forget, then definitely recommend buying insect repellent sprays.  These can be found at almost every 7 eleven or pharmacy store.

Like I said, the chances of daily rain is moderate, but even if you forget to pack an umbrella almost every hotel has a couple to lend.  However, the important thing is someday’s when the storm is too heavy or the tides are too rough, activities which require travel to and from by boat or Long boat may be cancelled.  Just keep that in mind.  The weather chances quiet quickly so just be aware and mindful when your out the whole day.

Thong’s are a must, and don’t bother bring any brand spanking new crisp white kicks as there is a 100% chance they will “get rekt”.

Food: – 

The food is amazing, let me put it this way.  After eating Thai food for 4 days, and tasting Thai good here back in Aussie, it just doesn’t match up at all. The food is cheap around 400 baht can get you a big meal for two.   If you really want the local experience, make sure to visit the Krabi Night market on a Saturday or Sunday night.  This is where you can get some of the towns most authentically cooked dishes.  Or alternatively you can even book yourself in for a Thai cooking day course and learn some of the dishes yourselves.  Again you can book these via the vendors on the streets.


Hope you guys found this blog post useful and hope you can check this beautiful location yourself and experience another world.  We look forward to our next trip to Queens-town in New Zealand in September so be sure to stay tune for the next edition of Travel Bug!



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