10 effective ways to study smarter

Year 12 was the most stressful but also the most important year of my life.  Leading up to the final exams I studied relentlessly for hours and hours everyday, reading and writing notes hoping to remember and cover everything in the exam.  However i soon learnt that my study methods although was "hard working" it... Continue Reading →

10 websites to help with productivity

Habitica.com - Habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. todoist.com - Manager tasks and projects, everywhere anytime. Lasspass.com - Password manager thegrizzlylabs.com - Portable scanner icecreamapps.com - Software developer app Slack.com - Group project communication tool groupme.com - Group messenger tool tomato-timer.com - Productivity timer keepmeout.com - Block distracting websites selfcontrolapps.com... Continue Reading →

You can always find time

My friend Sam is a senior accountant for a mining company, mother of two and president of her local rowing club.  Every weekday she drops her kids off at school, works till about 5:30-6PM and comes home and cooks.  After that she spends most of her evenings, either catching up on more work or cleaning... Continue Reading →

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